LOOK: Chippewa Riverfront Project Takes Shape

Mike Paulus

The Chippewa Riverfront project. Make it big. Photo: Green Oasis by Greener Grass Systems, Inc.
The Chippewa Riverfront project. Make it big. Photo: Green Oasis by Greener Grass Systems, Inc.

Whoa! Take a look at the progress on the Chippewa Riverfront project in Chippewa Falls. This photo, taken December 1, provides a good look at the full scope of the project and the dramatic changes taking place. The city hopes the new multi-faceted, riverfront venue will inspire community residents and visitors to gather downtown to enjoy a variety of activities.

According to the Chippewa Falls Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry, here's what we can expect ...

It will include a large stage with lighting, ground level and slightly raised seating areas, support facilities, trails, fountains, walkways, fishing areas, picnicking shelters, benches, a winter skating ribbon, and public restrooms. (An additional restroom is currently under construction.) The entire park will offer WiFi access.

• Amphitheater for small gatherings and seating for more than 3,000
• Fishing pier and water access for fishing, boating, wildlife viewing
• Canopy cover and a pergola for sun and shade control
• Pavilion for staging events, shows and concerts with full electrical
• Attractively landscaped downtown entryways and parking areas
• Connections to regional trails
• A skating ribbon
• Bike facilities, Wi-Fi, trailheads, picnic facilities, signage, benches
• Parking for 2,000 within one half of a mile
• Enhanced water features and shoreline restoration

The complete project should be able to accommodate a wide array of events, such as outdoor festivals; farmers and other specialty markets; non-profit fundraisers; concerts; plays; art shows; weddings; social gatherings; reunions; music of all types; water events; tube launches; movies in the park; date and family night programs; and more.

Whew! That's a lot of community engagement. What you see in the photo represents the project's first phase of development. Fundraising for Phase 2 is underway, which will add the amphitheater, the stage/canopy, recreational trails, restrooms, an entry plaza, pavilions, and more. Phase 2 is slated to happen throughout 2017 and 2018.

You can learn more and find the project's huge FAQ document here.

Chippewa Riverfront conceptual art. Make it big.
Chippewa Riverfront conceptual art. Make it big.