Getting in Gear: a back-to-school survival guide

Kayann Bock

While the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to prepare lunches, fight over appropriate school attire, and regulate the amount of screen time might have you frazzled, take solace in the fact that you can play a big part in getting your children motivated and excited to tackle a new school year!

The following are helpful tips to ease kids of all ages back into learning mode:

Help your child discover his or her learning style. Talk to your child’s teachers about your child’s learning strengths and how best to support them. People learn in at least eight different ways, according to the Multiple Intelligences Theory.

Get back in the routine. Ease the transition from lazy summer days to the structure of the school year by re-establishing bedtime, mealtime, reading, and homework routines.

Develop a family event calendar. One of the most helpful tools for getting organized is a family event calendar. To ease the chaos, track school programs, volunteer work, and after-school activities. Family time management is essential if you are going to avoid the tumultuous frenzy of disorganization.

Purchase school supplies in advance. Avoid the last-minute rush by purchasing supplies at least one week in advance. Take your child. They can feel excited and in control by choosing their favorite colors and designs.