Building a Legacy one pair of socks at a time

a pair of ambitious seniors at Regis launch their own business

Meghan Kulig, photos by Sharp Portrait Studio


Matt Manas and Michael Hoffmann like to stay busy. In addition to participating in academics and athletics, the two Regis High School seniors have started their own company.

“Last year, we got the idea to start a sock brand called Legacy Socks,” Manas said. “We came up with the name of the company based around the idea that we all have such a finite amount of time in our lives and the only thing we’ll leave behind is our legacy.”

“Their ability to take an idea and put it motion on the open market does not surprise me. They have a vision, and I believe it will be successful.” -Paul Pedersen, Regis High School Principal

Legacy Socks offers fun and unique sock designs available for purchase online. Manas and Hoffmann say the funky designs are all about standing out. “In our current generation, the way you dress says a lot about yourself,” they said. “Our designs definitely make you stand out!”

The two seniors create all of the sock designs themselves before handing them over to a local graphic designer to be polished and finalized. Legacy Socks currently offers four designs. “I didn’t realize how much detail goes into creating a company that supplies such a basic necessity,” Hoffmann said. “But seeing the progress of the work and our ideas becoming a real product is such a great feeling and makes all of the work worth it.”

Regis High School Principal Paul Pedersen says he’s impressed by the work ethic and high level of motivation both Manas and Hoffmann have shown. “Matt and Michael are both very creative and confident young men,” Pedersen said. “Their ability to take an idea and put it in motion on the open market does not surprise me. They have a vision, and I believe it will be successful.”

Prior to combining their entrepreneurial spirits together to launch Legacy Socks, Manas and Hoffmann each started a company on his own. For Hoffmann, it was a lawn-care service; for Manas, it was a clothing line called BE. Lifestyle Clothing, which he started in August 2015.

“The T-shirts have powerful sayings,” he said. “BE Different. BE Strong. BE United. What’s even better is that 10 percent of all profits go to a local homeless shelter and to an organization called Be The Match, which manages the largest bone marrow registry in the world for patients in need of transplants throughout the country.”

While Manas and Hoffmann took the responsibility of creating Legacy Socks on their own, their parents were a huge part of their support system. In addition to providing positive support, they also helped the two entrepreneurs when they had questions about legal issues or needed advice on making good financial decisions.

“We are impressed with Michael and Matt’s initiative to start this company and their commitment to follow through with their message throughout the whole process,” said Michael’s father, Scott Hoffmann. “We are happy to see what they created and are excited for their future.”

“It’s been so awesome to see Matt and Michael work on their companies,” added Matt’s mother, Julie Manas. “Not only have they been doing a great job with their business endeavors, but they’ve also maintained excellent grades and have been active in extracurricular activities.”

Following graduation from Regis High School, Manas plans to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder, while Hoffmann will go to UW-Madison. They plan to continue to grow their business as they attend college, using the connections they make to their benefit. It’s safe to say these two are excited for the future.

“We want to create a quality, meaningful brand,” Manas said. “We truly believe in this company and hope, more than anything, to spread peace, love, and positivity.”

If you’d like to purchase a pair of socks from Legacy Socks, visit www.legacysocks.com. They are $13.99 a pair and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. To purchase an item from the BE. Lifestyle Clothing line, visit www.BeDuds.com.