What Are We Doing Wrong With Our Cheeses?

Brian Sheridan

It’s not often that Wisconsin is paired with words like “sophisticated” or “abstruse,” – unless one is referring to our love and knowledge of the Cheese Arts.

Let’s be honest. We’re pretty good at cheese. We even win international awards. But hearing about how other places don’t have nearly the variety of cheeses we have here, nor the knowledge base to prepare and serve such delicacies, it’s just saddening.

To counter this unfortunate circumstance, Thrillist got a cheese expert and compiled a list of all the things people are doing wrong with cheese. If you’re having problems with your cheese-eating experience, then chances are there’s a simple solution.

One common problem we can see even amongst Wisconsinites is a preference for processed cheese. With cheese being so popular and abundant here, it gets pumped out and put into stores pretty regularly. Some places may only have these highly-processed cheeses, which not only are a poor judge of cheese in general, they’re way less healthy. Thrillist’s cheesemonger said they’ll contain a lot more oil, while healthier cheeses are filled with omega-3’s.

Other recommendations: using cheese paper for storage, avoiding pre-cut cheese, trying "stinky" cheese, and purchasing moderate amounts. 

Read the rest of the article to find out more helpful cheese tips. Maybe even stop by your local cheese guy and pick up something new because here in Wisconsin, we like all different kinds.