Someone Ranked Wisconsin's 'Most Boring Cities'

Brian Sheridan

Every Wisconsin road trip usually involves going through that one middle-of-nowhere town that appears devoid of all hope and happiness. It makes folks wonder what caused people to settle in such a dreary, sullen location.

BUT. If you’re looking for which one of those cities is the most dreary, look no further. An article posted by RoadSnacks did the number crunching and compiled data of the 10 most "boring cities" in Wisconsin. The data is based off of average population density and age, households that are married and/or with kids, and households with people over 65. To avoid any misconstrued data, all those tiny towns with less than 5000 people were taken out of the equation. Just remember that this is based off of a set of statistics and does not include any actual opinions.

Some might even think a statistical qualification of "boring" is downright ridiculous. 

HOWEVER. According to such data, the number one most boring Sconnie city seems to be Hobart, a village outside of Green Bay. With a population of around 6,500, an average age of about 42, and over 68 percent of households being married, it may not be the first choice if you‘re looking for a place to party hard and hang out with all the super cool party people.

A lot of the places on this list seem to be suburbs of Milwaukee like Muskego, Brookfield, and New Berlin. Milwaukee just wants all the fun for itself, I guess. So where does Milwaukee fall on this list? Well, in the 140 cities they surveyed, Milwaukee was the 132nd most boring city, or the 9th most exciting, if you want to look at it that way.

OK, but how boring are we?

The Chippewa Valley, as the data shows, did better than most areas. The most "boring" local city being Chippewa Falls coming in at number 90. Menomonie came in as the 10th least boring at number 131. And nearly topping the list as one of the statistically least boring cities in Wisconsin (let's add that to the sign) is Eau Claire at number 134. Maybe it’s the abundance of tiny towns in the surrounding area making us look good. Maybe it’s the hordes of college kids running rampant through the city on party buses. But I doubt it.

Either way, I'll take it as a compliment.