Are These the Best Burgers in Wisconsin?

Brian Sheridan

In 1885, the rest of the country may not have known it yet, but Wisconsin did America the biggest solid you can give a nation: As legend has it, we brought delicious hamburgers to the world. From that point on, the burger has been enhanced, improved, and turned into a work of art on a plate. Now you can saunter into any state of the Union and find a meaty masterpiece.

And Wisconsin is, of course, no exception. This article in Travel Wisconsin lists off their picks for the most deliciously hamburger road trips you can take in the dairy state. Six cities believe they hold the key to the best burger around. From fine dining restaurants to national chains to even right here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has a unique burger for everyone.

The Court ’n House Bar & Grill's
The Court ’n House Bar & Grill's "Mell Burger"

Travel Wisconsin says, if you're searching for some Sconnie meaty marvels, then a good place to start is right here in the Chippewa Valley at Court ’n House Bar & Grill. Described as having some pretty creative burgers, it’s a great place to go and find a juicy burger, and if you go on a Thursday, there’s a two-for-one special. The Court ’n House currently holds the top spot in Volume One's annual Best of the Valley Reader Poll for Best Burger, and it appears on Trip Advisor’s top 20 restaurants in Eau Claire – so there’s no reason not to see what all the fuss is about.

Perhaps you’re looking to find something outside a local tavern. Maybe you want to try a burger that is the epitome of finesse and beauty between two fluffy bun halves. If that’s the case, then you’re apparently looking for the Davanti Burger at Francesca’s al Lago in Madison. It’s a charbroiled burger covered in things like white cheddar, a magical substance known as "bacon jam," and roasted garlic aioli.

With many other places on the list, it’s certainly a journey into which you can sink your teeth.