6 Things You Should Know About the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild

Brian Sheridan

Some of the writers participating in discussion events and residency programs for the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.
Some of the writers participating in discussion events and residency programs for the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.

To get a full rundown on the newly unleashed Chippewa Valley Writer's Guild, check out our recent article or visit www.cvwritersguild.org. Until then ...

1. The Guild will connect local writers with editors and book agents

Founder B.J. Hollars wants local writers to have a chance to obtain some real-world experience. With a shortage of art funding in the Chippewa Valley, it can be tough to get become a successful author in the area, but the Guild will offer workshops and other opportunities to talk with people on the other side of the submission process.

2. The Guild will hold "craft talks"

Along with readings and other literary events, every month the Guild will have  professional writers speaking about their craft and their experiences and personal journeys. Hollars will be hosting the first event on Feb. 25 in the Volume One Gallery to talk about the Writers Guild and its future.

3. Writers like Nickolas Butler and Michael Perry will play a role

One of the Guild's first events, coming up in April, is an evening with award-winning writer and Eau Claire native Nickolas Butler, well known for his internationally best-selling novel Shotgun Lovesongs. Michael Perry, of course, is the Valley's New York Times bestselling author of novels like The Jesus Cow, Visiting Tom, and Coop – he'll speak on May 7. Unlike a reading, these are unique opportunity to hear successful writers discuss the nuts and bolts of their art.

4. The Guild will host writing residencies at a remote Fall Creek lodge, dedicated to helping writers focus on their work

There will be six three-day writer retreats at the "Cirenaica" lodge aimed at helping aspiring writers remove themselves from outside distractions and focus on their work. Each residency has different writers and authors on hand to offer their specialized insight.

5. There will be podcasts

Hollars will soon launch a series of podcasts profiling local writers of all kinds. Sign up for their newsletter (at the bottom of their homepage) to hear about new episodes. 

6. The Guild is creating a directory of Chippewa Valley writing groups

The Guild also provides information and ways to connect with various local writing groups at www.cvwritersguild.org – so you can hopefully join up with like minded authors. (Or maybe you'll find a gap to be filled with your own writing group!)