Wisconsin’s Most Popular Valentine's Day Gift by Google Search

Brian Sheridan

Check out this map made by Estately (via Mental Floss) – it uses Google Trends to show “what presents Americans are considering for their special someone by running hundreds of possible gift-related searches.” Not the most accurate assessment of each state’s romantic gift giving preferences, but it kind of shows which places are the cheapskates, which ones are the true love birds, and which states are into something more ... interesting.

Common themes speckled around America are the usual flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. However, Wisconsin seems to go all in and won’t settle for anything less than fancy “fur coats. We’re talking coats that can range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, people. I guess that’s the price to pay when you need to stay warm during those long winter nights finding love betwixt the cabins up north.

Maybe we should learn from Pennsylvania and look at some cheaper clothing – like edible underwear. Other states that take a more budget-friendly route are Arizona with eCards and Utah with classic conversation hearts. There truly is no better medium to display a declaration of love than on compressed sugar.

Other states opt for romantic bonding experiences like people from Michigan taking ballroom dancing lessons, Massachusetts having the most couple cooking classes, and Iowa’s obsession with tandem bikes.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter what they got you. As long as you share your love with your significant other using open communication, those couple’s yoga classes and new bear rugs are just icing on the red velvet cake.