New Details on The Lismore’s Food and Drink Offerings

Brian Sheridan

Renderings provided by The Lismore
Renderings provided by The Lismore

In case you hadn’t heard, three new restaurant and bar venues will be opening this spring – part of downtown’s new hotel project, The Lismore. The venues have been named and the menus are in development:

➜ “The Informalist” is the 120+ seat restaurant (covered last year)
➜ “Eau Claire Downtown Coffee” is a coffee shop/fireplace lounge
➜ The “Dive” bar will replacing an old swimming pool on the 2nd floor

Leading all food and beverage operations for the hotel is Terry Vajgrt, a 30-year restaurant veteran and the former owner of near-legendary Downsville eatery The Creamery.

“Recruiting and developing a superior, like-minded team that places the guest experience at the forefront is my primary goal,” Vajgrt said in a press release. “I’m extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to build together, grow and lead this extraordinary team.”

Leading the culinary team are Co-Executive Chefs Bradley Dean Parent and Luke Bilda. Dean has “a lifetime in food” starting with his family farm, Alchemy Family Farm, where heirloom vegetables are grown. His career in fine dining “encompasses varied styles from across the country and the word.”

“Providing delicious, wonderful, wholesome and exciting cuisine in a beautiful setting is to truly enjoy one of the best things in life: life sustaining sustenance,” Dean said. Dean has lived and worked around the world, heading up mumerous fine restaurants, and he’s worked with some of the finest chefs in the country.

“Sharing my love of food and passion for flavor with the city where I grew up, and consider home, is beyond exciting.” – Informalist Co-Executive Chef Luke Bilda

Bilda “knows nothing but food” and has spent his life practicing his passion. Culinary school-trained and having interned on the north coast of France, he is thrilled to be part of the resurgence of downtown Eau Claire.

“Sharing my love of food and passion for flavor with the city where I grew up, and consider home, is beyond exciting,” Bilda said.

The property’s Beverage Manager is Sean Murphy. A Chippewa Falls native, Murphy has been in the industry for over 26 years.

“The energy and beauty of this new property demands an exciting, fresh cocktail menu and I am proud to be part of the team introducing this to downtown,” Murphy said in a press release. “Along with a stellar wine list and great craft beers, I look forward to pleasing our guests drink palette.”