Bon Iver tune best song about Wisconsin?

Eric Koeppel

Bon Sconnie
Bon Sconnie

Esquire recently posted a list of “The Best Songs About the 50 States” – a handpicked compilation of anthems for each of the 50 States o' The Union. And guess what the pick for Wisconsin was? You guessed it (maybe), it’s “Minnesota, WI” by Bon Iver.

The second track on Bon Iver’s second record (Bon Iver, Bon Iver), “Minnesota, WI” is one of many of the hometown heroes’ anthemic tunes that seem to perfectly compliment a scenic Wisconsin drive.

Other songs on Esquire’s list include “California Stars” by Billy Bragg & Wilco, “Georgia on My Mind” by Billie Holiday, “Say Yes! To Michigan” by Sufjan Stevens, and, of course, “Shhh” by Atmosphere for Minnesota.

For those of you that thought another Wisconsin-related song was “never gonna break” On Wisconsin’s 54-year-streak as our state song, think again. Well, maybe not, but perhaps we could at least make “Minnesota, WI” our official State  Desperately Soulful Indie Song.