Beyond Cheese Curds: Food We Miss

Mike Paulus

The Camaraderie used to serve bread like this, minus the outrageously sized wooden spatula.
The Camaraderie used to serve bread kinda
like this, minus the outrageously sized
wooden spatula.

Everyone remembers the cheese curds at the Camaraderie.* But I miss another item off the menu even more. They had this really simple “bread and cheese and veggie plate” thing that came with raw vegetables, sliced apples, cheddar cheese, and a little loaf of hot, fresh sourdough bread. I think it was an appetizer, but I used to order it with a couple of beers and promptly pretend I was at a little French bistro, noshing and drinking with friends, making witty comments and generally being awesome.

Side note: My knowledge of French bistros is severely limited. As is my understanding of the word “noshing.” Also, most if my friends made fun of me for ordering the “bread and cheese and veggie plate” thing. Also, I was not awesome.

There wasn’t anything special about it. I doubt any of it was local food. The bread may have come parbaked from Knorr for all I know. But I liked it! It was a really great balance of food, and it went great with a cold beer. And I miss it.

I’m sure you all have specific dishes you miss from local restaurants of the past. We’ve talked about a few of them in Volume One – from Gnu Deli’s Gnu Balls to whatever the hell they served at the Jolly Troll. The food I miss is pretty plain in comparison, but if anyone knows of something similar out there, let me know!

And tell us what else you miss ...

* For those who don’t know, the Camaraderie was a Water Street bar and a local fixture – it used to stand where Dooley’s Irish Pub is now, right on the corner of Fifth and Water Streets. It’s no longer there because it burned down.