Nate’s Dungeon: an invitation

Nate Dungeon

Well it has taken me long enough to get back here and write something. First I would like to say that the Decade of Dungeon has passed and now we step into the Century of Dungeon. Yeah it doesn’t really sound as good does it, but I have a while to come up with something catchier. If you happened to not make it to Decade of Dungeon, then as I predicted, you have proven to be the squarest. The show proved to be awesome – I was most surprised by the late addition of the group Christmas. This is a band to see live they are pure rock ‘n’ roll. This is fact, de facto, factoid, truth, reality.

Now on to my second reason for addressing you, my squire’s of noise. I am having a show at the Dungeon on Oct. 22. I'm letting all of you know about this event so that you may attempt to make up for your early failings. Also I would like to start having shows off the beaten path of the Dungeon’s classic genres. My hope in doing this is to increase interest in the Dungeon, and live music in general. Perhaps I can shake up people by getting more to go to a basement show, thinking beyond their usual haunt. So if you want to play, want a band to play, or set up a show at the dungeon let me know (nsorenson1@gmail.com)

And remember Nate’s Dungeon Oct. 22 – Defenestrator, Bad Mountain, Totally Bogus Assholes.