Did the fake yo-yo guy get a real role on The Office?

Mike Paulus

Remember last May when that guy – posing as an eco-loving yo-yo master – EASILY got onto morning TV news broadcasts around Wisconsin (and beyond), making a minor mockery of mid-market news mongers? Remember Kenny Strasser? That guy was a dead-pan-a-licious pile of hilarity. What you maybe didn’t know was that the guy’s real name is Mark Proksch, he lives in Milwaukee, is closely affiliated with the Found Footage Festival guys, and attended UWEC in the mid nineties. Anyone remember The Daily Chimp? Anyone? He was one of those dudes.

Well, if a blog post on JSOnline, a small story on WSAW.com, and Rainn Wilson’s blog are to be believed, Proksch has landed a role on NBC's The Office. The American one. (He didn’t invent a time machine to land a bit part on the British one.) From JSOnline ...

  • [NBC-TV publicist Joanne Park says Proksch has landed the part of "Nate" in the popular comedy, and will help Dwight Schrute, played by actor Rainn Wilson, as a handyman. Park said Proksch is expected to appear in his first episode next Thursday, and would be in an undetermined number of upcoming episodes.

Really? Considering that one of the few news stories about this is from the Wausau TV station Proksch dupped, it’s hard to not be suspicious – it’s possible that he actually got Wilson and company to help with a new, less funny prank. But it’s possibly more possible that the original prank (which got a ton of internet buzz for a few weeks) earned the trickster enough cred to get a small role on a major comedy TV show. Or maybe the guy’s uncle is a producer. At any rate, tune in next Thursday (Oct. 14) to see what’s what.

Un-fake-looking photo (above): Rainn Wilson?