A Quick Note about Farm Potential

Ted Waldbillig

As a college student nearing graduation, I have of course given thought to volunteering. World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming (WWOOF), one org I’ve had my eye on in order to do some traveling abroad, facilitates charters between potential volunteers and legitimate farms.

The prospects for those interested vary slightly. One can count on working part- to full-time volunteer hours in return for room and board with one among hundreds of organic farms in most countries. Occasionally there is a bonus involved such as a small stipend, but as oil will dwindle and food prices rise, learning the practices of do-it-yourself organic farming is probably the key boon.

Though I am not interested in WWOOF’ing here in the Chippewa Valley, I was curious to see whether we had any participating farms in the area. Crazy Rooster permaculture farm is located thirty miles from Eau Claire, which I believe is the closest WWOOF associate. There are 21 other farms located in Wisconsin, many of which are in the central region.

Head over to www.wwoof.org for all the options.