Dios Mioifest Destiny

Nate Dungeon

As you read this, the guys in Dios Mio and the Texas band High Life (featuring Eau Claire’s own Conner Lynch) are cruising down the western sea board on a West Coast tour of America. Dios Mio’s tour kicked off a little over a week ago and I am anxiously awaiting  a road report from them. The above bus which only a few months ago was serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul school district now ferries them across the nation’s western expanses. It has been lovingly refurbished to fit the needs of a band's gear transportation and on/off road relaxation. The biggest highlight in the upcoming tour dates is in a couple days they will be playing at the famed Gilman St. in Berkley California. They’ll be on the road till returning to the great state of Wisconsin on July 24 where the tour will end amongst the twisting water slides of Noah’s Ark. Hopefully, as I said, I will be getting some road stories from them soon and maybe some photos of their exploits.