Droids Attack the Dungeon

Nate Dungeon

Last Saturday, my Dungeon was overflowing with heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll brutality with Droids Attack, the Terrordactyls, Upon Extinction, and Purge the Woods. Killer robots and dinosaurs, oh yes. The Dungeon brings the best of entertainment. I was especially excited with Droids Attack, who I’ve wanted to play for quite some time after first discovering them through some pictures on a listing of Madison bands in which they featured a large robot with the heartless, uncaring glow of menace in its eyes – something only a true machine of destruction could have on stage with them. Unfortunately, for my own enjoyment, but probably best for the safety of the crowd, Robo (the mascot of Droids Attack) was undergoing repairs and system checks on Phobos (Mars first moon) as of the show last weekend. Their raw riffy rock was fully appreciated by the crowd, and I would love to get them back up here again soon. I was surprised to find out they had played the House of Rock before and I somehow missed it. I hope that they will be here again soon, and I strongly urge other promoters to book these guys. Before you go, take a listen to the music I’ve posted from their album Fatal/Error:

Droids Attack | Scythe In The Fire

Droids Attack | Blood of the Earth