Nate's Dungeon: April 4th Show

Nate Dungeon

So I’m a little behind on getting this written, but here you go. Last Saturday at Nate’s Dungeon, I had one of the best shows in quite awhile. A total of six bands played: Dios Mio, Bring That Shit, Lord Green, Rule 22, Orville Sash, and Dun Bin Had. Now there’s a list of links for ya. The show started out with me cooking up a ton of tacos and pizzas for everybody. Which I just wanted to mention since it was nowhere near as messy as I feared it would be – I was pleasantly surprised. But back to the music, Bring That Shit is a newer band from Saint Paul that features some veterans of the music scene up there. Most notably Ben Crew of InDefence (Whoa! Another link!) who I would like to point out played the week beforehand at Moltons Skate America, were Ben stage dived off the Statue of Liberty. Lord Green was defiantly a standout to me for the show. They have a real riffy doom metal kind of sound combined with the hardcore fell of born against/los crudos. I picked up their tape which had newer recordings on it but forgot to get their cd demo, otherwise I would also have a track form them on this post. I hope to have one up here sometime in the future. Orville Sash really got the crowd going with their song “I got a boner,” which they ended up playing twice. I could go on for awhile, but I'll cut myself off here with a last little plug for the Dungeon on April 24th with Droids Attack and The Horde.

Listen to “Motorhead Song” by Bring That Shit: