Nate's Dungeon:
March 19 Show Review

Nate Dungeon

Last Thursday night, the rock was at Nate’s Dungeon. And I mean the musical term not the professional wrestler/academy award winning actor (just you wait). The closet-busting-sized crowd was enthralled by the musical stylings of Fatal Inebriation (St. Paul), Coincide (Memorial High School), and Stormstrike (Stevens Point). I picked up Stromstrike's brand new album and figured I throw on a track for your own personal listening. Lastly I’d like to let everybody know to come to the Dungeon on April 4 for a very big show. Dios Mio and Bring That Shit, featuring Ben Crew of InDefence will be playing with a whole bunch of other bands. I’ll post more on this soon.

Listen to The Core by Stormstrike: