Call More Dudes: the Whole Story

Nate Dungeon

First I must tell you all that the final days are upon mankind as Nate Dungeon has written a blog. Second I was asked by Volume One for more info on the events surrounding the legendary InDefence Taco Johns music video. A little over a year ago a show at my Dungeon was rudely interrupted by the police, because my lame neighbors (whom thankfully no longer haunt MY neighborhood) decided to call them instead of coming over and asking the band who parked in the alleyway to move their vehicle. Long story short, we could not continue the show, and only Dios Mio had played. But thanks to the quick thinking of someone (now) known as Taco Shawn, arrangements were made for us to all roll down to Taco Johns and play (Taco Shawn worked there). Every band ended up playing about 3 songs and the whole event lasted about 15 minutes with no interruption. That’s the rest is history.

Next, some information on the song "Call More Dudes" itself. It all began in the summer of 2006 – the summer the Mid-Waste Motel was born. The first show at the Mid-Waste, people started saying, “Call more dudes!” I guess it kinda meant "Let’s get more people here to rock, or party,” something akin to that. Somehow it stuck and InDefence (who commonly plays here), decided to write a song called “Call More Dudes”. I think they wrote in the later months of that year. It first appeared recorded on the Minneapolis 2007 ep. Here’s the lyrics:

  • I’m going to the show, really really wanna go, who’s playing, who’s on the bill, I don’t know, don’t ask Will
  • Call more dudes, Call more dudes, Call more dudes
  • It’s at the Mid-Waste Motel, mosh it up till it stinks like hell, wall of death dive off the stairs, Nate’s old school he don’t have hair
  • Call more dudes, Call more dudes, Call more dudes

A band from Minneapolis who is one of the biggest punk rock/hardcore bands in the Midwest has written a song about how awesome Eau Claire and its kids are. They have also been quoted as saying “We steal all our ideas form Eau Claire.” And before that, their song “Hardcore is Dead” claimed, “Hardcore is dead, except in Eau Claire.” That’s right, for all you naysayers out there about Eau Claire. They have also recorded Call more Dudes part 2 – “Call more gay Dudes,” and this weekend, they should be recording part 3: “Call more girl Dudes”

InDefence will be playing at Skate America (or for those in the know, Moulton's) on March 28th, so Call More Dudes.