Screaming Jet Engines

Mike Paulus

UPDATE: Most of Saturday's show was cancelled due to the weather. Sunday's show is said to still be on.

Question: How many “Highway to the Danger Zone” references do you think we can pack into this post? Answer: Far more than most humans can possibly endure. So let’s just say this – on Saturday, pull onto Highway 53 and then take the Melby Street exit to the Danger Zone, because the Chippewa Valley Airshow is back.

After a long hiatus, he Chippewa Valley Regional Airport will once again host that wonder of wonders: an air show. You’ve probably heard the engines roaring over your house/apartment/dorm room/underground lair all week as the performers practice. Most of that noise has been coming from the Blue Angels. These guys are the U2 of the air show circuit. Or, the Cirque du Soleil of the acrobat circuit. Or whatever. Check it out.

Bonus air show tip: Get pumped by watching this.

Also on Saturday, check out S-S-Shark Week, the Coalition Blues Festival, The Pimps, the Irie Sol CD Release Party, and/or see the House of Rock live up to its name.