Keep Calm, Bon Iver Fans: You can listen to the entire new album today

Eric Christenson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

i,i listening party at The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire, August 7.
i,i listening party at The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire, August 7.

After listening parties took place last night (Aug. 8) in more than 60 cities all over the world in places like Amsterdam, London, New York, L.A., Sydney, Tokyo, and a little ol’ city called Eau Claire – Bon Iver started dropping songs from their new record i,i every hour overnight (plus videos). Six of them are out there as of this posting – “We,” “Naeem,” “Marion,” “Salem,” “Holyfields,” and "iMi," featuring James Blake and Velvet Negroni – but by the end of the day today, the record should be out in full.

Physical copies of i,i, the band’s fourth album, release on Aug. 30. Four singles from the record have already been out there for a while – “Hey Ma,” “Man (U Like),” “Faith,” and “Jelmore.”

With i,i and the ensuing arena tour that follows its release, the band and its growing family of collaborators are gearing up for a blockbuster live show, the details of which are outlined in a recent mini-documentary released with WeTransfer.

“It’s a much bigger sound, and we’re pushing more air,” frontman Justin Vernon said in the mini-doc. "I hope when people hear the record they’re kind of interested to see how we’ll do it live, because it’s quite intense. There’s a lot of layers, there’s a lot of big sounds, and everyone’s challenged by the record. We’re literally in the midst of figuring out how to do that and it feels really exciting.”

There’s gonna be lots more to talk about in the next few weeks, so keep your ears open and eyes peeled.

You can stream all these songs wherever you do that kind of thing, and you'll be able to get your physical copies Aug. 30. And you can preorder physical copies from The Local Store.