Enjoy a Magical Night Curated by Justin Vernon at the Oxbow

Eric Christenson

overnight experience
Overnight experience curator Justin Vernon. 

The Oxbow Hotel just announced plans for two separate “Lock-Inn” events where a select few can take part in an overnight experience administered by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (one of the hotel’s owners) and Sean Carey. The night will be "curated entirely by their musical, culinary, and cultural sensibilities from beginning to end,” according to the press release.

Slated for April 10/11 and May 9/10, each Lock-Inn package includes the overnight stay, a six-course dinner at The Lakely (the Oxbow's restaurant), several live musical performances by Vernon and Carey (and some unannounced friends), a late night movie, a morning yoga session, brunch, and a commemorative poster. No word yet on if Bon Iver plans to serenade guests with an aching, poignant folk song before they gently drift off to sleep, but we’ll keep you posted.

The Lakely
The Lakely

Packages start at $250/person and go on sale at 3pm on Wednesday, March 14. Only 30 packages are available for either night (so 60 people total at double occupancy), so act fast or risk having to suffer through yet another boring ol’ weeknight devoid of any unique happenings, any intimate Bon Iver performances, or any curated cultural experiences at all. The choice is yours. 

And hey, if you feel like luck is on your side, you can sign up to win a free package for two.

Learn more about the Lock-Inn and snatch up your spot at www.theoxbowhotel.com/lockinn.html.

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