We're Moving the Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll!

V1 Staff

For the last decade, right about this time of the year we’d tell you voting was now open for our big, huge Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll. Well, for the many, many thousands of you who vote every year – things are changing.

We’re moving our annual Best Of poll – and the massive issue that goes with it – to better reflect the calendar year. Our new tradition will be this: Voting starts in December, and the results issue comes out the first week of February. It's perfect timing to explore what was really good throughout the whole previous year, and to preview the year ahead. But what’s more, we’re also amping up the Best Of results issue to a whole new level and throwing a big ol’ party at The Lismore to go with it. We think you’re going to love the change (and the killer party), so sit tight and get your clicker finger ready to vote in December as the year wraps up.

In the meantime, whether you’re a voter or up for an award, beware of any Chippewa Valley “Best Of” imposters with a similar-sounding poll. Unfortunately a knock-off is out there, but it’s not the real deal. Only the Volume One Reader Poll has seen nearly one million individual votes from the community over the last ten years. It’s the poll you know and the poll you trust, from the Chippewa Valley’s largest independently-owned and operated media group: Volume One.