Brewing Projekt Sets Sights on Cannery District Building Renovation

Mike Paulus

Images: The Eau Claire Brewing Project LLC
Images: The Eau Claire Brewing Project LLC

We just got some great-looking news from William Glass, owner of The Eau Claire Brewing Project LLC, (“The Brewing Projekt”) and founding owner of The Fire House bar in downtown Eau Claire. Glass is looking to negotiate the purchase of a property located at 1807 Oxford Avenue, near the small batch brewery’s current location. The idea is to “rehabilitate” the building into a destination brewery/event space. 

Check out conceptual renderings for the building above and below.

Founded in 2014, The Brewing Projekt faced a long road of red tape prior to opening, but has quickly become a well-respected member of the area’s small craft brewing scene, with its petite but popular taproom and a recent expansion into canning its beer. The operation has already outgrown its space, and Glass is hoping to find a new home in the nearby building.

Glass believes the building purchase would “save one of the last remaining historic brick buildings in Downtown Eau Claire.” He sees the renovated, 30,000 square foot space as a potential hub for the city’s ‘Cannery District” along the west bank of the Chippewa River – the next part of downtown slated for major redevelopment. The move would allow The Brewing Projekt to triple its production capacity, more than triple its workforce, and allow for statewide distribution.

Detailing his vision in an email, Glass pointed out possibilities for the building such as third floor venue and reception space with “brick walls, high wood ceilings, and windows all around offering views from the dam to Phoenix Park,” and collaborations with a proposed year-round market for the district.

He also envisions “collaborative concerts where we would bring in artists/bands to brew an exclusive beer with us then have a release party where the artist would play, we’d feature the beer, and attendees would leave with a bomber or 4pk of that beer."

Formerly, 1807 Oxford Avenue housed Silvermine Stone Co. Hopefully, negotiations to buy the building will begin soon.

Read The Brewing Projekt’s full press release ...

New development proposed by The Brewing Projekt in Downtown Eau Claire

Eau Claire, WI – January 5, 2016 – The Eau Claire Brewing Project LLC, DBA The Brewing Projekt, has proposed and is asking for an Exclusive Right to Negotiate the purchase of the property located at 1807 Oxford Avenue in Downtown Eau Claire’s newly dubbed “Cannery District.” It is The Brewing Projekt’s intent to rehabilitate the building and site into a destination brewery located on the Chippewa River in Downtown Eau Claire.

Founded in 2014, The Brewing Projekt has had great success despite facing adversity at every turn. From losing facilities, losing financing, and being denied licensure The Brewing Projekt has persevered. Within the first year of being open for business, the brewery has outgrown its first home that currently exists in the Cannery District at 2000 North Oxford Avenue. The Brewing Projekt has reached production capacity and is not able to grow outside of its current accounts and existing service area in the Chippewa Valley, Hudson, and Wausau. The Brewing Projekt currently services over eighty accounts and employs three full-­‐time staff members as well as five part-­‐time employees.

By purchasing and rehabilitating the proposed building at 1807 Oxford Avenue, The Brewing Projekt intends to save one of the last remaining historic brick buildings in Downtown Eau Claire. The Brewing Projekt hopes to save a piece of Eau Claire’s history and become a hub in the Cannery District at the same time, while creating a functional space that will attract guests from the Chippewa Valley and far beyond. The Brewing Projekt has already become an attraction for visitors from all over western Wisconsin, as well as out of town guests making their way downtown for a taste of local craft beer. By moving into this larger building, The Brewing Projekt would be able to triple its production capacity, more than triple its workforce, accommodate many more visitors, allow for statewide distribution, and save a beautiful brick building in an up-­‐and-­‐coming downtown area.

Should The Brewing Projekt acquire the property, applicable federal, and state approvals renovations would begin immediately. Portions of the building that can be saved will be, and any areas beyond repair will be razed for the construction of new structures that will house the brewery’s expansion. Renovations would be expected to finish within two years of acquisition and approvals.

The new space would total over 30,000 square feet, versus The Brewing Projekt’s current 3,000 square feet, and would include an open concept brewery, packaging, cold storage, dry storage, taproom, and retail space as well as a patio overlooking the Chippewa River.

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