Fowl Behavior: Giant Duckie Stages Adorable Aquatic Invasion

Mike Paulus

Photos: Ann Sessions
Photos: Ann Sessions

On Saturday (June 27) a large, adorable duckie appeared floating in the Chippewa River, right at the Confluence, off the tip of Phoenix Park's tube landing. From what we're told, this is the work of infamous longtime L.A. street artist “Wild Life.” Wild Life, as you may remember, was responsible for a bovine invasion on the (then closed) 'High Bridge' over the Chippewa River in 2012. Read all about it:

The artist behind the sculptures was Wildlife, a street artist from Los Angeles who has gained some notoriety in a city known for its public art. And it turns out Wild Life – who remains anonymous to keep the focus on his art and due to his "career choice" – grew up right here in Eau Claire before moving to L.A. in 1992. 

It's gone now – we assume the city (or a tuber in desperate need of a seaworthy companion) removed it. A big thanks to Ann Sessions for sending us these duck-tastic photos! 

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