5 Somewhat Weird Wisconsin Locations

Jasmine Ferrell

Behold! The amazing GRAVITY MILE! Awesome, right? Right? Image: Wisconsinosity.com
Behold! The amazing GRAVITY MILE! Awesome, right? Right? Image: Wisconsinosity.com

It can be easy to get sucked into man-made roadside attractions, what with their bright lights and recorded soundscapes, but let’s not forget that nature can be pretty fascinatingly weird too. Below are some natural(ish) sites (and creatures) that will strike you with their beauty and then perhaps mystify you with their mystery.

1. Devil’s Punchbowl (Menomonie)

It’s a picturesque scientific study area that carries the underlying scent of the paranormal. Stories of gnomes, orbs and the mysteriously clear and cool water found there continually draw visitors. Aquafina, eat your heart out.

2. Petite Freak Animals Exhibit (Poynette)

Inside the un-assuming Mackenzie Environmental Education center, you will find three jars. Within these three jars are natural oddities that will enrapture your noggin. Nothing quite as crazy as Paul Springer’s six legged cow, but hey, a two-headed pig is a two-headed pig.

Aztalan State Park Image: The Bulletin
Aztalan State Park Image: The Bulletin

3. Aztalan State Park (Lake Mills)

Site of an ancient Native American town, this unique state park contains two reconstructed earthen mounds and sections of the stockade. But what they also contain are stories of cannibalism, rituals, war and, naturally, ghost stories.

4. Gravity Mile (Shullsburg)

Now, it’s the truly interactive portion of this list. Take your car, put it in neutral, and watch it appear to back up ... uphill. That’s right. Take a moment and defy some gravity.

5. “Wonder Spot” (Wisconsin Dells)

Now closed, The Wonder Spot, is a rare geological location where, just like at Gravity Mile, anyone could break the laws of physics. Unlike Gravity Mile, although, it was all a LIE! I must admit even I fell for a similar tourist trap up in Michigan. Man those roadside hucksters from the fifties were just so tricky.