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6 Slightly Unexpected Wisconsin Autocompletes

Jasmine Ferrell

Ah yes, the Google autocomplete – ever the doorway to a host of weird questions people around the globe are asking. And what are people wondering about Wisconsin? Let's find out ...

1) Is Wisconsin the ... mitten state?

Ah yes, the great mitten debate. Michigan has long claimed to be the mitten state and have used this fact in countless slogans, tee-shirts, what-have-you. But let’s be honest here, at first glance, Wisconsin looks more like a mitten than Michigan. Since they get so uppity, we just let them have it. 

2) Wisconsin is like ... Germany

Yeah, it kinda is. Geographically the landscape is similar, and culturally … well it’s fair to say Wisconsin has been influenced by its German population. Beer, bratwurst, polka, and a village called Germantown all stand as proof. 

 3) Why does Wisconsin have so many  ... serial killers?

It’s true our state has been home to some pretty gruesome murderers (perhaps it’s their infamy that makes it seem like we’re bursting at the seams), but really there’s only been four major players: Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer, Walter Ellis, and David Spanbauer. So please people, think of the countless pounds of delicious cheese we make instead our notable psychopaths. 

4) Is Wisconsin a ... state?

Yes, indeed. Since the magical year of 1848, Wisconsin has had a star on our country’s flag. Hopefully this is a question more popular among those residing outside US borders … 

5) Wisconsinites ... banned from drinking contests

Drinking is common in Wisconsin, we all know it, but are Wisconsinites really banned from other states’ drinking contests? I did my best to dig around, but unfortunately there are no official governmental sites declaring such facts. Perhaps this is just myth, perhaps this is true. For the time being, the mystery shall remain.

6) Wisconsin is too ... cold

Cold? Yes. Too cold? That's up for debate.  

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