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6 films shot in Wisconsin: ’90s Edition

Jasmine Ferrell

Post fireball, Keanu Reeves rides a motorbike straight into our lil' ol' Sconnie hearts in 1996's Chain Reaction.
Post fireball, Keanu Reeves rides a motorbike straight into our lil' ol' Sconnie hearts
in 1996's Chain Reaction.

Filmed in Wisconsin: ’90s Edition! Apparently the 1990s was a special time when Wisconsin and filmmakers joined hands and decided to create magic together. Granted, Wisconsinites may not want to be associated with many of the movies coming from this partnership, but with so many movies, there’s gotta something for everyone. 

1. I Love Trouble (1994)

Where in WI? Baraboo and Madison
According to IMDB, the keywords to describe this film are as follows: reporter, train, scoop, rivalry, hormone, and “man with glasses.” You really don’t need to know anything else. Watch!

2. The Straight Story (1999)

Where in WI? Mount Zion and Prairie Du Chien
A David Lynch directorial project, this film was based off a true story of a man journeying across the Midwest – via lawn mower – to reconnect with his brother. That’s right; he hooked up a trailer to his mower and put-put-putted his way into everybody’s heart. Watch!

3. Fever Lake (1996)

Where in WI? Twin Lakes and Kenosha
This movie ... isn’t good. But, Mario Lopez and Corey Haim were in it, and that’s enough for me. P.S. Try and look past the pixels in the preview. Watch!

1990's Meet the Applegates
Oh the high jinks they're about to enjoy in 1990's Meet the Applegates.

4. Meet the Applegates (1990)

Where in WI? Neenah and Oshkosh
A black-comedy about bugs in disguise as a suburban family, this movie boasts an impressive 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Apparently this film isn’t for everyone. Watch!

5. A Simple Plan (1998)

Where in WI? Ashland
After discovering a bag full of cash, these blue-collar fellas get some pretty exciting lives. Initially, Ben Stiller was to direct and Nicolas Cage to star. Can we just take a moment and imagine the possibilities? Watch!

6. Chain Reaction (1996)

Where in WI? Lake Geneva, Madison, Williams Bay
Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman, could you ask for a better combo? This sci-fi, action flick got sneaky and used our state’s capitol building to pose as the capitol building’s interior. But you can’t fool us, Keanu! Watch!

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