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6 Wisconsin definitions ... from Urban Dictionary

Jasmine Ferrell

Urban Dictionary is a word-defining website where the public writes the definitions, and I meticulously read through the 66 definitions available for “Wisconsin” ... and have learned a great many things. For instance, according to definition 45, Wisconsin is "much like a unicorn and doesn’t exist." The complete list is not for the faint of heart, so here is a spattering of homemade definitions and examples supplied by anonymous internet users to give you a taste. 

Definition 27: THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!

Used in a Sentence: Where were you last week? The best place on Earth! You must have been in Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Wisconsin is globally renowned and there’s probably someone in Iceland talking about us right now and referring to us as “the best place on Earth!”  

Definition 44: Illinois' Largest State Park. A great place to visit when you've done all the cool things in Chicago.

Used in a Sentence: "Hey, let's get in the VistaCruiser and go to Wisconsin this weekend: they still have trees!"
The Takeaway
: Wisconsin has trees.

Definition 54: A Province within the United States of a America

Used in a Sentence: I ate cheese in Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Not only are we a state, but a province as well. And we have cheese.

Definition 42: THE MOST UNDER-APPRECIATED STATE IN THE U.S.A! We make the cheese and the milk AND THE CREAM PUFFS!... the Jonas Brothers Favorite State to come to on tour!

The Takeaway: If the Jonas Brothers like it, there really is no question.

Definition 43: …They make Miller beer, Harley motorcycles, and light switches…

Used in a Sentence: I'd take WI over Florida anyday. But I'd probably take the U.P. over Wisconsin.
The Takeaway
: Despite the other definition clearing stating Wisconsin is cooler than Michigan, it appears that didn’t include the U.P.

Definition 3: Shut up..Wisconsin is cool

Used in a Sentence: It's cool in Wisconsin..it's cooler than Michigan.
The Takeaway
: Some people love Wisconsin so much, they feel no need to explain themselves. 

Bonus Feature!

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