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5 Wisconsin traditions not quite worthy of the state seal

Jasmine Ferrell

Pictured: The most important day of your life.
Pictured: The most important day of your life.

Traditions. You can love them, you can hate them, or you can do both at the same time. These Wisconsin traditions – some obvious, some not – are destined to get strange looks from outsiders. May they never be forgotten.

1) Bar Hopping between the Wedding and the Reception

Wisconsinites like to drink; that's no secret. That being the case, a wedding is a pretty big deal, so why wouldn’t we all take a couple hours to celebrate ... before we celebrate and properly soak it in. Pun intended.

2) Friday Night Fish Fry

A staple in Wisconsin culture, no Friday is complete without fish. It’s seemingly been around since our state’s inception, but in truth, only really kicked off during the Prohibition era. A strategy to keep customers, restaurateurs decided, “Hey, what’s more than fish and alliteration?”

3) Cannibal Sandwich

The "Cannibal Sandwich" - a rare delicacy.

With no connections to actual cannibals, this Scandinavian and Germanic treat revolves around raw beef. It’s what makes it so special but also so very ... dangerous. With modern knowledge of raw meat and all it, um, can contain, this dish’s fandom has been fading, but c’mon, with a name like that, will it ever disappear?

4) Cheeseheads

Another tradition synonymous with our state’s name, it all started with one brave man. Ralph Bruno used some leftover foam from a couch, burned a couple holes into it, and painted it the delicious color we’re all so familiar with. Fun Fact: Despite its huge association with the Packers, it was first debuted at a Brewers game.

5) Snowshoe Baseball

This one's out of left field. In case you weren’t aware, Lake Tomahawk is the Summer Snowshoe Baseball capital. It’s your classic baseball game except the field is covered with sawdust and wood chips, and, of course, the players sport snowshoes. As Don Hilgendorf, manager of the Snowshoe league, once said, “If you can shuffle your feet, you’re fine.”

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