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6 Sconnie roadside sights you needn't leave your car to enjoy

Jasmine Ferrell

Big Pink Elephant bids a hearty
Big Pink Elephant bids a hearty Safe Travels! to all who sail the asphalt sea. Image.

When getting from one place to another, time sometimes limits you from properly exploring all the majesty (and tourist traps) the fine state of Wisconsin has to offer. Sometimes this leaves your vacation or road trip feeling a tad unfinished. So how about this – below are six roadside attractions that, if you haven't the time, you don’t even need to leave your car to enjoy. Simply drive by and feel your soul become ... fuller. Hopefully. Maybe.

1) The Hodag

Rhinelander -  Ever proud of their local crypto-creature, the city took it upon itself to erect a massive statue outside their visitor center. This way, the minute visitors begin to explore Hodag Country, they won’t ask silly questions, like “What the heck is a Hodag?”

2)  Mr. Daniel Boone

Westfield -  In Wisconsin, you’ll find a lot of Paul Bunyans standing around staring off into the majestic yonder, but low and behold, we also have ourselves a Mr. Boone. Or at least, a buckskin clad lad. So if you’re tiring of taking pictures with the man in flannel, here’s your chance to switch it up.

3)  A UFO Landing Port

Poland -  Figuring it’s better to be prepared, than not, welder Bob Tohak built an elevated landing port just in case aliens stop by. Although the actual landing port is on private property, it’s still pretty visible from the road due to the large sign, alien, lights, etc.

4)  The Pink Elephant

Deforest -  Pink and proud in front of a variety of gas stations since the early '60s, this elephant has become quite the icon. Now known as Andy’s Pink Elephant, the gas station even sells pink elephant souvenirs to show off back home.

5)  Three Stooges Fermenting Tanks

Milwaukee -  Once functioning fermenting tanks within Lakefront Brewery, these painted tanks were repurposed and displayed as outdoor art in 2011. All that’s really left for you to do is to amble on up and hug the loveable lads … just know they won’t hug you back.

6) Lawn Ornament-palooza

Cudahy -  So far this list has consisted of locales with one large ... thing, but a Cudahy resident decided one wasn’t nearly enough. Their attraction is complete with a skull, Hamburglar, and, of course, the casual Cadillac sinking into a gravel pit.

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