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10 Wisconsin questions from Yahoo Answers

Jasmine Ferrell

Just like an über self-consious, middle school version of yourself, there will always be a part of all Wisconsinites secretly wondering what other people are saying about us. And just like the rumor mill did in middle-school, the internet makes it all too easy to find out. As a service to all our state’s citizens, I trolled through Yahoo Answers and pulled a sampling of Wisconsin related-questions and highlights from the answers. Take a deep breath and read for yourself ...

1) “What is it like to live in Wisconsin?”

A: “We live on beer, cheese and deer sausage. If that's not your cup of tea, stay where you are.” | “Highest bar to church ratio in the U.S.” | “Like Wisconsin but would not want to live there. It is just too darn cold”

2) “Why do people think Wisconsin is so weird?”

A: “It's because Wisconsin is so close to Canada. And Canadians are definitely weird.” | “You have had a few serial killers come from over there. Guys who like to eat people and do things with their skin. Maybe that's where it comes from.” | “Honey, I live in Wisconsin and it IS weird”

3) “Why isn’t the Upper Peninsula of Michigan part of Wisconsin”

A: “It’s a fair question to ask.”

4) “Was Wisconsin ever its own country?”

A: “No.” | “Nope.” | “You may be confusing it with Texas…”

5) “What does a Wisconsin accent sound like?”

A: “Yooper dialect” | “Watch the movie Fargo.” | “I hate to say it, but the Midwest has the ugliest sounding accent.” | “Calling leftovers in a casserole with mushroom soup poured over it 'hotdish.'”

6) “How do people dress in Wisconsin?”

A: “Except for the wedges of cheese on their heads, people in Wisconsin dress normally.”| “You thinking we would wear overalls?” | “Everyone dresses like a lumberjack.”

7) “Does Minnesota have more lakes than Wisconsin?”

A: “Do Minnesotans love to spend time on their lakes? Oh, you betcha.” | “…They had to come up with something to describe Minnesota on the license plates besides "Too cold to go outside in winter," or "Thickest midwestern accents anywhere!" | “In Minnesota if you pee on the ground and it forms a pool it is now a lake.”

8) “Why is Wisconsin so freaky?”

A: “However I can't speak for its current state because ever since I was old enough to make my own choices I stopped going there.” | “U serious bro?” | “I've never been there, but a hillbilly state sounds good to me.”

9) “How come it seems like everyone on Yahoo Answers is from Wisconsin?”

A: “Becasue there is nothing else to do in wisconson except make cheese, milk the cows, watch the packers, and be on the internet.” | “Wisconsin has alot of really cool, smart people. It's an awesome state with alot of magnanimous and intelligent people.” | “Cheese is only so exciting  …”

10) “What is a ‘Wisconsin Dell’?”

A: “Wisconsin Dells is actually a small city in the summer time filled with tourists mainly from around the Midwest.” | “It’s like Hawaii combined with Jamaica. Only there no sharks, sandcrabs or anything you wouldn't want to see, in fact you may call it paradise......”

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