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6 World's Largest Wisconsin Landmarks

Jasmine Ferrell

"There are no words."
Image: popville.com

Creating the “world’s largest” of something may seem a daunting task, but that didn’t deter these Wisconsinites. From beer to logs, our state can boast the largest ever known! Or at least, no one has claimed otherwise!

1) Hugest Six Pack

La Crosse - Composed of six storage tanks for City Brewery (owned by the city of La Crosse), these cans not only have the look but are actually filled with beer. People who are faithful to this landmark will tell you that the new vinyl coverings are nothing compared to the original paint job. But hey, a ridiculously huge six pack is a ridiculously huge six pack, folks.

2) Biggest Badger

Birnamwood - Where better to have the world’s largest badger than in the Badger State? Grinning merrily with his clawed hands in the air, this badger was once atop a gas station, but after changing hands, now sits in front of a ... gentlemen’s club.

3) Largest White Pine Log

Glidden - Weighing around 3.5 tons (or 7000 pounds), this is a log worthy of its own shelter. Cut by local lumbermen, the tree itself was estimated to be between 450-500 years old. You know what else was happening back then? History.

This kids will just love a trip to see the giant log.
This kids will just love a trip to see the giant log.

4) Hugest Penny

Woodruff - In homage to a penny drive for a local hospital, the world’s largest penny was erected and has been a photo op ever since. It isn’t the most faithful rendition: it’s not made of copper, there’s nothing on the back and to be honest ... the front isn’t all that and a bag of chips either.

5) Biggest Bicyclist

Sparta -If you’re in the area, you’ve got to ask about Ben Bikin. He’s a jolly fellow who likes to ride ol' timey bikes, and tell you about Sparta. Worried you might miss him? You can’t. He’s a 32 foot tall sculpture fixed to a speaker box.

6) Largest Rolling Mechanical Planetarium

Monico - Now this “world’s largest” took some serious skill, time and determination. A humble Wisconsin man took it upon himself to design and build his own planetarium in his backyard. Still not all that impressed? He painted 5,000 stars in their precise location and with their specified luminosity. Good job Frank Kovac.

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