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6 notable Wisconsin bands you might not know

Jasmine Ferrell

Blessed Feathers – straight outta West Bend.
Blessed Feathers – straight outta West Bend.

Anyone would have to admit that the Eau Claire has produced a surprising amount of pretty successful musicians for a moderately sized mid-western city, but our state’s native talent doesn’t stop there. Wisconsin has produced numerous artists, across all genres, with nationwide success and below are just six you may have missed.

1)  Coo Coo Cal (aka: Calvin Bellamy)

Place of Origin: Milwaukee
Notable Song: “My Projects”

Starting his career in the late 90’s, Coo Coo Cal experienced some pretty impressive success with his song “My Projects,” hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart. Take note world: (s0me) Wisconsinites can rap.

2) Blessed Feathers

Place of Origin: West Bend
Notable Song: “Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle”

A pizza joint witnessed the simple beginning of this band that has been making music since 2011. After a bit of a personal complication, this folk duo now lives a nomadic life exploring national parks. They’re bound to get some good inspiration from that experience…

3) Die Kreuzen

Place of Origin: Milwaukee
Notable Song: “Rumors”

A staple of Milwaukee’s hardcore scene, this band still holds a huge fanbase since their early ‘80s inception and gained a spot in the coveted WAMI Hall of Fame (Wisconsin Area Music Industry, in case you were scratching your temple). And if that's not impressive, they’re partially credited for the birth of grunge.

4) Jaill

Place of Origin: Milwaukee
Notable Song: “Everyone’s Hip”

 This little group has done pretty well for themselves, and was signed to Sub-Pop in 2009 at the cost of having to add an extra “l” to their name. They’ve spread their wings and are taking over the nation with their psych-pop tunes.

 5) The Reptile Palace Orchestra

Place of Origin: Madison
Notable Song: 
“Speak Softly Love”

The Reptile Palace Orchestra is a saucy collaboration between fluctuating artists that results in worldly mix of sounds, or as their various online biographies describe, “balakan lounge funk.”  They deserve ten points just for the fact that they have their own personalized fez hats.

6) Vic + Gab

Place of Origin: Milwaukee (again)
Notable Song: “Let You Down”

After an on-a-whim song found its way on MTV’s Skins, these two sisters decided that maybe, just maybe they should pursue this whole band thing. They may not be native Wisconsinites but I’ll let it be known that they’ve been playing Summerfest for years and South by Southwest only just got the guts to ask them to play this last year.  

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