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5 Weird Wisconsin World Records

Jasmine Ferrell

JR Radcliffe
That’s one determined boat. Photo: JR Radcliffe

Whilst perusing lists of world records Wisconsin has set or broken, the eclectic talents of our community come into full focus. Who knew Wisconsinites were so good at ping pong and spitting crickets? NOW YOU DO.

1. Longest Table Tennis Rally

In 2013, two Wisconsin high school friends broke a nine year record with an epic ping pong rally lasting over eight and a half hours. Being the selfless Midwesterners they are, they used their record rally to raise money for the Special Olympics. But I have one question … how did they eat? And, well ... you know.

2. Largest Human Waterskiing Pyramid

Granted this world record was completed with a team comprised of 60 people from both Wisconsin and Illinois, it was completed on Lake Wazeecha, 100% of which resides in Wisconsin. Breaking their own record, it took one boat with three separate engines to pull the five teams of water skiers.

3. Farthest Indoor Cricket Spit

Madison man, Danny Capps, spat a dead, frozen cricket a total distance of a little over 30 ft. back in 1998. How and why one trains for such a feat, will be sure to puzzle generations to come.

Sure he's tall, but check out that gorgeous hair!
Sure he's tall, but check out that gorgeous hair!

4. Most Big Macs Consumed

Donald Gorske, another Wisconsin fellow (from Fond du Lac this time), ate his 23,000th McDonald’s Big Mac back in 2008 and wouldn’t ya know it? He’s still going. Starting when he was 18 years old, he’s spent 40 years eating at least one Big Mac every day.

5. Tallest Living Horse

Big Jake, a Belgian gelding, was nine years old and 6 feet, 10 inches when he was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2012. And this is before he has his shoes on.

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