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7 Offbeat Wisconsin Competitions

Jasmine Ferrell

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Photo: Monona Community Festival

With the months of summer stretching ahead, so does the promise of offbeat Sconnie competitions. Whether it’s events showcasing strength and agility or … wiener dogs, Wisconsin has it.

1. Wisconsin 'Wife' Carrying Championship (July 4)

Hosted every year at the Monona Community Festival, this competition has roots dating back to 19th century Finland. All that’s asked of the participant is to carry anyone at least 21 years old through a 278 yard course. The prize? A beer supply equal to the weight of whomever you carried.

2. Tree Climbing Championship (June 21)

The first step to getting a spot in the coveted International Tree Climbing Competition (being held this year in Milwaukee), this event hosts a series of challenges concluding in the final Master Challenge. Better get to work on your hand sawing and limb tosses if you plan to beat current champion Aaron Schauer.

3. Wisconsin Highland Games (August 29-31)

Held at the Waukesha Expo Center, come see the participants compete in traditional feats of strength all while wearing their finest kilts. The Highland Games being a proper celebration of Celtic culture, be sure to grab a plate of Haggis while you’re there and join the ranks of true enthusiasts.  

4. Dachshund Derby (July 27)

During the final day of German Fest in Milwaukee, everyone breaks out their dachshunds and puts them to the test. In its ninth year running, this event is getting pretty competitive, so if you prefer lighter fare, check out the accompanying Weiner Dog Costume Contest.

6. Cheese Curd Eating Contest (June 7)

Part of Little Chute’s Cheese Festival, this is a feature event on the main stage. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your expansive stomach and your passion for a Wisconsin favorite. Take a tip from previous winner Tim Swokowski, and “don’t do a lot of chewin’.”

7. Lumberjack World Championships (July 24-26)

Started in 1960, this has become a world class event attracting hundreds of competitors and with over $50,000 in prize money. Events range from logrolling, axe throws, and the ever-exhilarating tree climb. Take it very seriously.

Bonus: International Wood Tick Race (May)

Unfortunately, the event had to be canceled this year, but the Oxbo Resort assures that it will bring it back with a vengeance. Each round, two ticks face off, and the loser faces the gavel. The greatest challenge remains in actually keeping the competitors alive between rounds.

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