A heartbreaking local 'Missed Connection'

Eric Koeppel

It’s not every day that you find a touching, heart-felt post on Eau Claire’s Missed Connections Craigslist page, but a post from Wednesday (August 14) about a woman and her canine in Phoenix Park is one worth reading.  

Several years ago the poster would gaze at her from the old railroad bridge during her routine afternoon trips to the shores by the confluence, staring as she played with her pooch. Over the course of a few weeks he became more infatuated with her post-punk style without the “grunge factor” and curious afternoon routine, though she never looked back at him. “Isn’t love at first sight a two-way street,” he questioned. But one day she did look back, and ... well ... go read it.

As you might suspect, there's probably more behind this "M4W" Missed Connection, and astute readers may notice that the post is very much in the same vein as a certain New York City Missed Connections post about a man and woman who sat on a subway together for 60 years without saying a word.