Eau Claire bashed on podcast

Eric Koeppel

Lisa Lampanelli: Not a fan.
Lisa Lampanelli: Not our biggest fan.

That’s right; check out this Facebook post from The State Theatre, who hosted insult comic Lisa Lampanelli’s show earlier this month … “Lisa Lampanelli hates Eau Claire … but she cashed the check, so at least she likes our money!"

They're referring to the 32 minute mark of Adam Carolla's podcast ("The Adam Carolla Show"). In 2011, with tens of millions of listeners, the show became the Guinness World Records holder for the most downloaded podcast. So, that's not nothing.

On the show, Lampanelli says, “I love these towns like Eau Claire, Wisconsin, like, places that don’t even have like a good airport. Like, why are agents such [uh, meanies] that they even make us go there? Like, it’s bad enough we have to play different big cities, but really, Eau Claire, Wisconsin?”

Well, gee willikers. I mean, golly. I didn’t realize the life of a successful touring comedian could be so stressful. But oh well, maybe we should take this bash on Eau Claire with a grain of cheese curd. After all, Lisa Lampanelli bills herself as the “Queen of Mean,” so we were kind of asking for it.