Wisco Histo you can't resist, yo!

Eric Koeppel

Historicla Fact: Wisconsin ladies used to wear swim stockings.
Historical Fact: Sconnie ladies of the 1910s wore swim stockings.

Ever wonder what hairstyles Wisconsinites were sporting in the 1920s?  Or what Colfax looked like after the tornado of ’58?  Take a look at this Wisconsin historical tumblr to peruse old photos, maps, recipes, letters, menus, and flyers from the Badger State dating all the way back to the mid 19th century.

Pictured: Unamused award-winning Wisconsin cats, 1976.
Pictured: Unamused award-winning
Wisconsin cats, 1976.

Wisco Histo features archived and submitted photos that are sure to give any citizen of America’s Dairyland many glorious blasts from the past. I dare you to try and not get hooked while browsing pages upon pages of historical landmarks and buildings, advertisements, class photos, local sports teams (yes, this includes the Packers), and oh, so much more. 

Who knows, you may even pick up some nuggets of historical information along the way. For example, did you know that when Senator Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day in Wisconsin in 1970 a rock band called "The Ox" played at the ceremony? Or that actor Spencer Tracy was born in Milwaukee? Or that Wisconsin cabinetmakers often used to double as undertakers?  Or that overalls were once in-fashion?  Hey, neither did I.

Take my word for it; this historical Wisconsin blog is hotter than the Peshtigo fire of 1871!