V1’s Annual Lookback: A peek at our staff highlight reel

Nick Meyer

Last week the Volume One staff – about 14 of us in all – held a daylong hangout in our gallery to look back at what we accomplished in 2012, and to look ahead to our thoughts and visions for 2013. It was a fun day. While we crunched some data and had some heavy talks, we also played some faceball, watched some cool videos, and feasted on an amazing buffet from Burrachos (thanks).

Most of it was internal mumbo jumbo, but there was one part of the day we thought would be cool to share with you – a video we showed to kick off our meeting: “Volume One’s Annual Lookback: Our 2012 Highlight Reel.”  It’s a three-minute slideshow (with a great soundtrack) touching on some of the best parts of last year for us at Volume One. Think of it as looking behind the curtain on an internal pep talk. (We try to stay fairly peppy around here.) In general, putting this short video together reminded us of how much we have to be thankful for, and of the great support we’ve enjoyed from the community over the years – and especially during some big transitions for us in 2012.

Please enjoy the video above. And thanks for a truly great year.

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