That indie-tastic workout video is out

Thom Fountain

Above: Eau Claire personal trainer Jeff Rogers (far left) helps Bon Iver stay toned.

Remember a few months ago when you saw Bon Iver working out and doing squats in that odd fitness video – with lots of local music playing in the background? And every music blog ever freaked out about it? And people wondered if it was a "hoax" of some kind?

'Twas no hoax.

Turns out, the DVD is real, it's out today, and it features more than just sweaty musicians hanging out in a field. A real-life local fitness guru produced a real-life fitness video with real-life indie music stars.

Jeff Rogers, an Eau Claire personal trainer, has just released his first DVD, titled "On The Road". So in the same week the Bon Iver guys played Saturday Night Live and are getting ready for the Grammy awards – where they scored four nominations – they are also debuting in their first workout DVD. Crazy times.

Rogers – or RogCity as his Twitter and website declare – has been working with members of the band for years, developing fitness routines they can do while on tour. The DVD is a collection of these workouts, with the band demonstrating, but Rogers said the workout is good for anyone who travels a lot or doesn't have the time to go to the gym.

"That's the thing with 'On The Road'," Rogers said. "You can literally take this DVD and take this workout anywhere."

For background music, besides Bon Iver, Rogers tapped S.Carey; GAYNGS; Meridene; Laarks; Halloween, Alaska; We Are The Willows; The Daredevil Christopher Wright; Megafaun; and The Rosebuds.

You can pick up the DVD at The Local Store, Revival Records, or the RogCity website. And you can learn a lot more about the video in the Feb. 9 issue of Volume One.

Check out the trailer:

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