Hard-to-explain Madison company will enable your CD addiction

Mike Paulus

If you got rid of these, you'd have room for your Precious Moments collection.

NPR reports on a cool-sounding if hard to explain Sconnie business (based out of Madison) that will digitize and store your physical CDs and then do cool stuff with them. It’s called Murfie.com, and after you suss out the details, it sounds pretty damn cool – especially if you’re one of those weirdos with hundreds and hundreds of CDs on your hands.

Then, [Carter Hooper, owner of 900 CDs] discovered Murfie, a business in Madison, Wis., where he could ship all of his CDs for free and still retain ownership of them.

Murfie is a lot of things to a lot of people. But to Hooper, it was a dream come true: Murfie will burn your old discs to a digital file, recycle the cases and even resell the album online. It's part garage sale, part iTunes.

Murfie digitized Hooper's entire collection, and now he can access all of his CDs online through Murfie's website.

The site also lets members have their own personal store where they can sell or trade albums from their collections. Murfie takes a 30 percent cut from a sale, but trades are free. Hooper says he's already netted about $50.

Co-founder Preston Austin admits it's not easy to describe Murfie.

so says NPR, 10/10/2011

Safe, long term CD storage? Online access? Buy-n-trade? Sounds great. Also Murfie recycles all the plastic cases, making about $1,500/ton. They estimate they’ll be recycling 100 tons of case plastic next year. And they’d like to expand to vinyl, comic books, magazines, and more. And all from a Wisconsin company. Forward, y'all.