After the Rain: Notes on Chalkfest 2011

Nick Meyer

Chalkfest 2011 (prior to downpour)
Chalkfest 2011 (prior to downpour)

This year we had a beautiful day, a record number of artists, and more spectators than ever. Then, with less than two hours to go until the conclusion, the sky opened up – hard. Luckily, we called in the judges and the photographer just early enough to get just about everything looked at and documented in some way before the wind and rain hit. Now, everyone wants to know about the winners ...

We gathered the remaining artists up to explain that the judges and V1 staff would get together mid this week to review their notes and the photos and announce the winners via later in the week. We'll send the artists a note to make sure they know what's going to happen.  And of course we'll have the tally on the Audience Choice. It was VERY competitive this year, and there was no clear early favorite so there are many votes yet to be counted. If you want to make sure you're on the email list, email

Thanks again to everyone and we'll see you next year!

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