April: 2011 Wisconsin Bike Summit

Sarah Dobs

A previous bike summit.

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin ensures that every bike ride in the state taken is safe, enjoyable and fun. Gathering at the Concourse Hotel in Madison on April 19 will be biking fanatics from every corner of the state for the federation's Wisconsin Bike Summit of 2011. To educate bicyclers will be various workshops led by the state's leading bicycle experts, speakers from around the world who have taken the initiative on bicycle planning and advocacy in other communities. Keynote Speaker  Andreas Rohl who  heads the City of Copenhagen's Bicycle Program will share his success in  expanding the bike infrastructure to become the world's best bike city.  But with the current political business that is taking place in Wisconsin, the most important part of the Summit may be the chance to meet with state legislators and voice support for state bicycling funding and policies because the near future for bicycling funding and policies holds a looming hand waiting to snatch it all away.

As the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin says, "The Governor's 2012-2013 budget eliminates $5 million state bicycle funding. This state funding supports vital bicycle projects across the state like bicycle plans that help build more bicycle-friendly communities and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure such as paths and bridges. Together, we worked hard to establish this fund during the last budget cycle and together we'll work hard to restore it."

Registration for the event can be found at the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin website along with information such as fees and event day schedule.  

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