Saturday: Christmas lights, South Farwell, Meridene, & more!

Sarah Dobs

Lights! Xmas! Awesome!
Lights! Xmas! Action!
Christmas Village at Irvine Park

Irvine Park comes alive with color and light as more than 100,000 lights and over 100 illuminated displays and scenes help visitors to enjoy the holiday season. Walk or drive through the park. Open til New Year's Day.

Irvine Park, Bridgewater Avenue, Chippewa Falls; Sat. 7am–9:30pm

One quarter of South Farwell.
One quarter of South Farwell.
South Farwell + Down Lo

Featuring members of the former Eau Claire band Easychair, South Farwell offers a night of local soulful rock with St. Paul's funk, jam and reggae band Down Lo.

House of Rock, 422 Water St., Eau Claire; Sat. 10pm; $5

The wrath of Meridene.
The wrath of Meridene.

Local indie rock band Meridene attack with layers of charging guitars, sprawling keys and high-intensity percussion, while front man Trevor Ives' voice soars over it all with warnings about trust and inevitable loss.

The Fire House, 202 Gibson St., Eau Claire; Sat. 10pm; free

The Thea.
The Thea.
Thea Ennen and Won Siemit

Singer-songwriter, Thea Ennen is known for her mytho-poetic mediation through song and human drama and stories captured in melodic verses. Her self-produced album was given the Minnesota Music Award's Best Folk Recording of the year.

Acoustic Cafe, 505 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire; Sat. 7pm–10pm; free

Misty, water-colored.
Misty, water-colored.
The Memories

During the holidays Warren Petryk and Tim Stevens continue their tradition of “music, laughter, and wonderful times” with a very special Christmas concert. The Memories holiday concerts are uplifting family events featuring traditional and favorite songs of the season. Don’t miss this great musical duo.

Mabel Tainter Theater, 205 Main Street East, Menomonie; Sat. 7:30pm–9:30pm;

$17 adults, $15 seniors/students

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