Three, Two, One … Bike Polo!

Betty Nikia

Three, Two, One – Bike Polo! As soon as those words are spoken, they roll forward. One rider propels a street hockey ball down the lot with a mallet fabricated out of a ski pole and polyethylene pipe. Once they reach the center of the lot, the other team pedals at them, hoping to knock the ball off its trajectory and race it to the other goal. This is bike polo and it is happening in Menomonie.

I decided to give it a try recently and three riders were circling the lot when I arrived. I met Will Christenson, Presidente and Mallet Maker General for the group, who informed me of the short list of rules as we waited for two more people to show up and complete the two teams of three required for a match. Teams were chosen blindly by one person holding the mallets behind his back and throwing them in opposite directions. I was a little unconvinced that I would be able to keep up as a newbie on an old 10-speed with no modifications, but the other players were very welcoming and patient with my occasional clumsiness and frequent questions.

If you have not tried it, I highly recommend it. The group has been meeting Thursdays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. in the empty parking lot at 9th Avenue and 10th Street near Wilson Park, depending on availability.

NOTE: Check out a full story on local Bike Polo from Betty Rae in the Oct. 29 issue of Volume One!

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