Salt Collective

The Salt Collective makes jewelry that is simple, beautiful, unique, and modern. Each piece tells a story with the beauty of nature. Works with natural materials like bone, and formally trained in metal smithing.

Hello Adorn

Adam and Jess of Hello Adorn make handcrafted jewelry, together. The jewelry is an inspired to make little things that matter.

Token Jewelry

Each piece in the Token collection is handmade, using the finest materials, including 14k gold filled, rose gold filled & sterling silver wire, along with semi-precious gemstones.

Williams Diamond Center Inc.

Williams Diamond Center has a complete in-house design department to customize one-of-a-kind pieces. Incredible selections for brides and grooms. They also buy and sell estate jewelry, coins, and more.

Lasker Jewelers

Lasker Jewelers is a family-owned fine-jewelry store and designer that has served Eau Claire since 1928. Their selection is broad and they also specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, unique pieces for their customers.