Hobbs Landing

2.4 Acres. Boat launch, fishing, parking lot, picnic area, scenic views, access to Chippewa River Trail and inner tubing take-out.

Wilson Park

Band shell and ice rink in winter.

Riverside Park

Handicapped fishing bumpouts and new stairs connecting park with the Red Cedar Trail were also constructed.

Point Comfort Park

Handicap accessible restroom,handicap docks, the restroom, fishing pier and two boat launches have been constructed to provide handicap accessibility. A handicap trail has been added from the parking lot to the dock.

Phelan Park

Huge, with plenty of features for a number of different skill levels. All concrete with some great lines and a generally good flow. Includes a 6'vert, quarter, two 6' regular transitioned quarters, a small 4' bowled corner, pyramids, and…