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Winter Layers

peeling back the accumulation of winter reveals the earth – and ourselves

In 1996, I was 16 and living in Bethesda, Maryland (January mean temperature: 37 degrees). One ordinary brown January afternoon, my siblings and I went to see 12 Monkeys. While we sat in the dark theater ....

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The Rear End

Blue Sky Over the Kwik Trip

Not everyone coming and going from the Kwik Trip holds the door for me, but almost everyone. I always hold it for people. Or at the very least, I lean back outside a little and keep the door open until the next person reaches out ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | March 4, 2020

learn more about this issue's cover art from Sue Carey

“When I retired from teaching elementary art in Eau Claire I knew I wanted to start creating my own art again. Even though I had thought about creating for years ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | March 5, 2020

“THINGS MIGHT GET A LITTLE HAIRY, BUT WE JUST GOTTA PULL TOGETHER.” The Beaver Creek Reserve’s Frosty Frolic features winter fun like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, and more. This year’s fourth annual event took place on Saturday, Feb. 29.

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Graceful Transformation

Blue Swans flips heartbreak on its head through music

Heartbreak and low, low points in life have this graceful way of transforming into art that’s beautiful and real. Raw, relatable stuff. So many words and songs have been written in the depths of dark ...

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Written in the Stars

Eau Claire hip-hop artist’s first full-length album five years in the making

Bruce Brown, known by his stage name, Cudlino, recently released his first full-length album, titled Written in the Stars. Full of hip-hop music influenced by R&B, rap, and rock, Brown’s album is a celebration of life, love, and the lessons ...

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International Poetry Readers Sought

Calling all bards, poets, readers and lovers of poetry! The 14th Annual International Poetry Reading at UW-Eau Claire is seeking readers. The event will be 7-9pm Tuesday, April 21, in the Dakota Ballroom ...

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Visual Art
Local Lit
Local Look

A Prom for Special Teens

first-time event designed for high school students with special needs

Prom goes as far back as 1894 and has become a right of passage for high schoolers everywhere. It’s a chance to develop social skills, to wear beautiful dresses and suits, to get hair and nails done ...

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Food / Drink
Other Stuff

Life Insurance 101

Why do you need it? Because it’s the best way to protect your loved ones.

Life insurance is not exactly the most uplifting topic to discuss, but it is an important one. For this piece, I sat down with an expert in the matter: my husband, Dan Ekblad. Dan was a licensed insurance ...

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Tax Season in Wisconsin

what you should know about what you owe

Wisconsin’s tax season, like the federal tax season, officially began on Jan. 27. Filing activity is typically most brisk during the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the season ...

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Power of Attorney: For Money, for Health

What’s the difference between a healthcare and financial power of attorney?

“Power of Attorney” sounds significant and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Designating this power to a trusted spouse, family member, or friend is essential to making sure your interests ...

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