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The Rear End

Winter Houses

from warm to cold, from cold to warm

Winter houses. Lonely walls standing up squarely against the snow and the gasping cold. Our walls. Our houses. And us inside them. What are we doing in here?

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Athletic Aesthetic

Stepping to the Plate for Carson Park

fundraising effort seeks $1.5m to maintain, upgrade historical ballpark

There is a fairly decent chance that you have, at some point, found your way to the Carson Park baseball stadium. Perhaps the reason for going didn’t involve actual baseball; you may have ...

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Three of Six on Stage

Courtney Mack prepares for Broadway gig

A Menomonie native, Mack graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in musical theatre. Since her graduation, she has built up a prolific stage repertoire, including a star ...

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A Murder Is Announced

Theatre Guild stages Agetha Christie murder mystery

“A murder is announced and will take place on Friday, October 29th, at Little Paddocks, at 6:30pm. Friends accept this, the only intimation.” That’s the text of ...

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King of Pop at the Pablo

Michael Jackson Experience is “Thriller” performance

A cast of Broadway and Las Vegas dancers and musicians team up with Michael Jackson tribute artists to recreate the thrilling works of ...

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Visual Art

Bones for Homes

‘doodling’ project grows into art fundraiser

By creating art and using the proceeds from the sales to aid the homeless, Jennifer Hazen is fusing the best of humanity. A mental health counselor by ...

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Local Lit

Out of the Darkness

local author details the story of Eau Claire’s infamous ‘Cave Lady’

As we learned when she was featured in this very magazine following the publication of her first book, Eau Claire author Jane Glenz enjoys digging for facts. In The Moore Family Secret, Glenz follows former ...

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Christmas Note 2019

Recently, I was walking down to meet Tom for pizza at Mona Lisa’s, our regular Friday night rendezvous. The evening was cold and grey with winter in the air. My head was muddling through ...

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Thinkin’ About Inkin’

Ambient Inks celebrates 10 years of printing and surprising growth

In the 10 years since they officially started their screen printing operation Ambient Inks, Tim Brunner and Aaron Brice, the company’s co-founders, have had ...

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Local Look

4 Things to Know About Radon

here’s how to detect, test, and make sure you know the facts about this tricky and potentially dangerous gas

You can’t see it, taste it, or smell it, but radon gas may cause lung cancer – and it could be in your home. January is National Radon Action Month, and here are some basic questions and answers about this dangerous gas ...

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Food / Drink

5 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Winter

Wintermission Eau Claire effort encourages residents to make the most of the season

Winter means different things to people from different places. When I was teaching communication and public speaking in Virginia, we closed the university because of ...

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Pinball Prominence

you might be playing next to a grand champion

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed at a crowded bar or restaurant, search the walls for a pinball machine. Walk over, figure out how to get ...

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Dungeons & Dragons: 7 Reasons to Roll

there's tons of value in the legendary role-playing game

That sound you hear might be the sound of a handful of plastic dice hitting the table in your basement. The fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons has enjoyed something of a ...

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Other Stuff

Best Youth Curlers Aim for Eau Claire

curling club hosts icy sport’s Junior National Championships for the first time

The next generation of top American curling talent will slide into town when the Eau Claire Curling Club hosts the USA Curling Junior National Championships. The Jan. 12-18 tourney will ...

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An International Invitational

annual ski jumping contest takes flight January 17-18

The 134th Annual Silver Mine Invitational will take place in Eau Claire Jan. 17-18 at the Silver Mine Ski Jump, 2900 Silvermine Drive. The event is a ...

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Happy “Noon” Year!

Children’s Museum hosts bash for early bedtimes

Ringing in the new year with a lot of singing, shouting, and fireworks at midnight just isn’t a good fit for everyone. Some of us like to get to ...

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